Booking Tips

DEPENDABILITY Nowadays it’s easy for new start-up limo companies to upload flashy pictures and make great claims on their websites. In actual fact many of them aren’t even in the Edmonton area and have only one or two vehicles. For over 25 years, Prestige Limousine has been Edmonton’s premiere limousine service provider. We are part of the Greater Edmonton Taxi Service – Edmonton's oldest and most trusted taxi and transportation company, and share a fully certified, state of the art service and detailing centre to ensure our numerous vehicles are in top condition and meticulously clean.

SAFETY Before you book a limousine, ask about Limousine Service Insurance, Permits and the location of the company. All Edmonton limousines are required to carry hefty commercial insurance and proper limousine permits. Unfortunately, the internet does not require the same in order to advertise.

GRATUITY Other Edmonton limousine companies will AUTOMATICALLY include the gratuity (tip) in their total graduation limousine service price quote. If you are pleased with your Prestige Limousine service, the standard tip is 15% of the total fare. If you feel your limousine Chauffeur has performed beyond the call of duty, then it is not unheard of to offer more.

PRICING Never book based on price alone! In the Edmonton Limousine industry there is a wide range of quality and price. Often, lower pricing can translate into higher risk. Many limo companies charge less but show up in older, dirty or poorly maintained limousines with unprofessional, unhygienic limousine chauffeurs. Our reputation was built on quality and service and we stand behind both.We have provided superior service to hundreds of clients over the years and can offer flexible package pricing according to your vehicle needs and number of passengers.

CHAUFFEURS Many Limousine companies profit by hiring inexperienced drivers and paying them a low wage. Prestige drivers are fully licensed, experienced and trained to understand every type of client. Our extensive service to the VIP and Celebrity market in Edmonton means our Chauffeurs are accustomed to “Superstars” and happily extend this service to all passengers!

REFERENCES Any reputable Limousine company you use should be happy to provide the names and contact information for some of their clients to ask for a reference on what level of service and quality they have experienced. Prestige Limousine has numerous testimonials and long standing corporate clients that include CIBC, Schlumberger, The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), just to name a few.